Welcome to Issue 1!

We are agog over sharing this first issue with you, dear readers. ANGLES is the revamped successor of St. John Fisher College’s longstanding but dormant literary magazine. When we decided to reimagine The Angle as an online lit mag that features works by college-aged writers, we let our love for language and the zeitgeist guide the way. It was a process that spanned over a year, and finally, the day is here: ANGLES is upon us! [Insert Frankenstein or Phoenix allusion here.] We may be partial, but we think the end product is well worth the effort.

The works in this issue reveal our aesthetic as they ask you to see, think, and feel. Meghan Jones’ self-exploration delves unflinchingly into the conventions of adolescent romance and Aakshi Sinha’s personal essay deploys striking imagery and innovative form. Youthful audacity hangs on every description Kalil Zender’s narrator gives of her mother, while Amanda Dettmann’s take on the importance of a dining room table teaches us to see again. Brief poetry from Lana Bella delivers thrilling language that demands attention, and Maddie Woda’s “Eulogy of a Snapback” creates a modern twist on a traditional form by exposing those “peach fuzz boys” in “muscle tees and flip flops.”

If this collection of unique and thought provoking work doesn’t evoke some reaction from you, then you may be the one in need of a relaunch.

Enjoy the read… It’s Lit!

The Editors