Once I was called stupid
for never being afraid of the things that hurt me.
I’m as thin as the page of a magazine
And he and I are thick as thieves.
He’s got those little kid safety scissors
wrapped around my mouth.
I don’t mind being cut out of place,
And he has the thumbs for the job.
I told his mother how he likes collaging.
She told me to drop dead.
She decided her son double crossed her,
And frankly, two crosses are more than enough.
I haven’t been to dinner at his place
Since they found out I’m an atheist.
I found out the same day they did.
I think they noticed my lip lines aren’t dotted,
But their son cut them anyway.
I never asked to be a prospective daughter in-law.
All I said was “yes”,
And somehow I’m sitting in a house
Built from back issue tabloids and
Sticky glue buns in the oven
Like a stepford wife can smell the neighbor’s fear
And someone sharpens their scissors.