Issue 9 – Summer 2021

Welcome to ANGLES Issue 9! As the world continues to adjust to a new reality brought on by 2020, our submissions have never waned in quality, and here in 2021 we have featured several examples of the highest quality undergraduate writing from around the world. Our writers have shone through with their pieces filled with urgent, attentive, and innovative prose, proving yet again the power of words at work. We are excited to welcome Carol Auld as our featured artist, as her series “Art in a time of COVID19” showcases a stunning array of work inspired by the events of the past year.

In this issue, we see Zoe Lafontant’s powerful poems “King” and “Project” as excerpts from her series “Mind of a Black Girl”, as she highlights and encaptures the emotion felt by a young woman of color growing up in the climate of 2021.

Our mission always reminds us to display the best and brightest pieces from college-aged students. Tucker Bradley Sloan’s brilliant work of fiction, “Are You There, Cal?” is stunningly emotional, voicing the elements of ANGLES we will always strive for.

As we continue to adjust to the ever-evolving expectations of a pandemic-riddled world, we aim to maintain the standards of high-quality voices from our most talented emerging writers. We hope our featured works continue to bring beauty and joy to the world of literary art, all the while highlighting the voices and issues that matter.

Tatiana Colon and Valerie Morgans
ANGLES Managing Editors

CNF 8- The Audacity of Men (3)
Fiction 8- The Audacity of Men (1)


Their first date they played Jenga with lit matches and pick-up sticks with unthreaded needles. The corner of his napkin caught fire and he whipped it dead. A hole opened in his palm, outlined with black powder. They smiled at each other and kissed, passing a lemon...

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Poetry 8- The Audacity of Men (4)

TWO POEMS by Zoe Lafontant

King “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”                                                                                                           ~Martin Luther...

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TWO POEMS by Annie Przypyszny

LAVENDER SOAP   Don’t fall asleep in the bathtub. Your dreams will absorb the water and grow larger than your life.   You’re so adept at imagining how things are supposed to be, you cannot see what is present before your eyes:   a nest of prismatic...

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BULLY by Mehak Goyal

“Your boots are ugly- just like your face,” she snaps.   I am drinking next to the cooler.   My throat gulps. My heart protests. My lips part.   Blinks later, I hear laughter from her audience.     A week elapses. Their thunderous laughter...

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Carol Auld’s creative explosion began by studying and working at Atelier Pochinko, with the late Richard Pochinko. After that, she studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario, where she graduated with a Double Major in Intermedia/New Media....

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