Welcome to ANGLES Issue 10!

It has always been our mission to publish work that is urgent, attentive, and written with a unique and often unconventional perspective. We are so proud to present another issue that captures that aesthetic through the voices and visions of emerging authors and artists.

In this issue, Brooke Wright’s “Download Complete” brings readers on a journey that leaves them questioning the line between the real and the surreal. On the opposite side of the spectrum, “I Download Lex for the Second Time” by BEE LB brings attention to the concrete experiences of solitude and longing through the lens of an online dating app, summed up so well with the single line, “what’s the point of all my friends if i can’t lay in their lap and cry / til my face doesn’t feel like mine.”

And special shout out to Blessed Kusi for the stunning and provocative visual art featured on the cover and throughout Issue 10. Blessed’s work proves that a revolutionary spirit is alive and well among today’s up and coming artists.

Thank you writers, artists, and readers for contributing to our ANGLES community–keep writing and keep submitting!

Theresa VanWormer & Zac Akin
Managing Editors

CNF 8- The Audacity of Men (3)


I. The damp footsteps of words waiting to be written paint the underside of my frontal lobe with tongues limp from thrashing all night. I’ve been taking loose stabs for two years now, and this is just one more. I want to put it straight though: people die all the...

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Fiction 8- The Audacity of Men (1)

MA PETITE CHERIE by Sisel Gelman

The train is late. It rarely is. I stand on the platform by the side of the train tracks and check my wristwatch for the twelfth time in the last fifteen minutes. The train is rarely late, but it is today. I let out a small exasperated groan, pick up my vintage...

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They had always gone through life believing it was so much easier pretending not to care. They had always thought that if you could hide your true feelings from other people, you wouldn’t get hurt as easily. Besides, other people liked being around someone who seemed...

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Poetry 8- The Audacity of Men (4)


I DOWNLOAD LEX FOR THE SECOND TIME and wonder if anyone will recognize me / hope not / hope so / hope i delete it again in a few days / after the reality that these are real people / which means / i’m a real person / settles in and i can’t help but itch // i make...

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ITHACA by Mabel Tang

what did the gorge look like?               thrashing water,                             boulders and pebbles smooth,                                            leaves rustling under the street lamps?                                            were there monsters in...

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THREE POEMS by Hannah Stewart

elegy for august’s sunflowers sand hasn’t filled between our toes in years now, hot under the late summer sun that coated every flower yellow. nearly dead and dry, but yellow. it was like a fire, our friendship that summer, raging harder than you’ve ever seen....

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TWO POEMS by Jaden Smith

Heroes in Tutus are Better   Let’s make a movie called Heroes in Tutus are Better. The Book of Henry meets My Sister’s Keeper meets Castle in the Sky. There should be a kid wearing a rainbow Jojo Siwa tutu & a Metallica shirt making rhino-shaped chicken...

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PENNIES by Justis Powell

I’m cashing in my pennies. They weigh about as much as A single heaved breath. The rickety kind of sigh That leaves a shadow of dew On the windows of every room I’ve ever inhabited. And when you scrape away the copper, You’ll find glittering pools of ocean tide And it...

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TWO POEMS by Chloe Rohl

Stained I peeled your body from the floor. Stained floor. The same floor, in the same room where we made you read us C.S. Lewis. So clueless, then. To think, we thought we had so much more time. Your time. A Wrinkle in Time. The wrinkled pages pressing flowers flat,...

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Blessed Kusi is a Nursing Major at St. John Fisher College. In her spare time, she creates art for the Angels magazine, a local arts publication. Her greatest passion is personal growth. Constantly challenging herself, Blessed loves to learn new things, and broaden...

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