Our Scholars

Our Scholars

Honors students bring intellectual curiosity into all of their courses. They bring out the best in each other in study groups, in the classroom, and in friendship outside of the classroom. Honors students major in areas across the entire curriculum offered, and strive toward excellence in their fields while enriching each others’ general education with their disciplinary differences.

Our Mission

By providing select topics for exploration and creating an environment where students receive personal attention, the Honors Program helps participants expand their thinking and personal limits. You’ll be able to take fun, yet informative courses on highly specific topics across all areas of interest. Courses like Indigenous Philosophy, Writing the Revolution, and Fungi: Friend or Foe are sure to make your experience at Fisher all the more impactful!

Top-notch education, fun adventures, new experiences, and team-building: that’s what we’re all about. The Honors Program will not only augment your knowledge in the classroom, it will also prepare you for life.

Apply Today


Admittance to the Honors Program is by invitation for incoming freshmen upon acceptance to the College, and is based upon the successful completion of the Honors application.

Students who do not enter as Honors students but demonstrate academic excellence at Fisher are invited to apply to the program at the end of their freshman or sophomore year. The process for these students, undertaken in May, involves faculty recommendations and completion of the same three essay questions.

Accepted first-year students will receive an annual scholarship of $2,000.

Key Requirements:

  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.3
  • Participate in two one-credit seminars geared toward increasing skills of inquiry and independence
  • Complete four specializes Honors Core courses, which also fulfill Fisher’s genera; education requirements
  • Complete 3 Keystone Experiences, such as travel, research, and more
  • Attend at least one Honors event each semester