OIT Notification – Department Share Quota Notifications

Dear Colleagues, To facilitate the management of storage quotas on department shared folders on Citadel, OIT has made some changes on the server. We are going to utilize some newer features that were part of a recent upgrade of the server. If a department is nearing the quota limit set on their department share an email warning will be sent. This email will go to the user that added the file(s) that exceeded the warning limit. If this happens we encourage the department to review the files that are being stored and delete any files that are no longer needed. If it is determined that more space is needed, please contact the OIT Service Desk and we can create a ticket to have the quota increased. Below is a sample email that would be received if the warning level is exceeded: From: oitservicedesk@sjfc.edu<mailto:oitservicedesk@sjfc.edu> [mailto:oitservicedesk@sjfc.edu] Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 2:02 PM To: Doe, John <jdoe@sjfc.edu<mailto:jdoe@sjfc.edu>> Subject: 95% quota threshold exceeded User ACADEMIAjdoe has exceeded the 95% quota threshold for the quota on “\CITADEL2departmentsdepartmentname if there are any questions. Thank you, Office of Information Technology