Gohan’s Strength

By Scott Klinkman

During the series of Dragon ball Z, Gohan has grown from a defenseless child who barely could dish out damage, to a strong warrior who takes on the main villain. Dragon Ball Z follows the hero’s, Krillin, Goku, Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Yamacha, and of course Gohan. This starts out from when Gohan is a child to where he is a preteen, demonstrating his growth throughout the many battles he has fought while Many enemies come and go, Gohan becomes more resilient and able to try and fend for himself. However even with a few bits of strength shown from time to time, he is always being saved by his Father Goku and piccolo. As adults, his father and Piccolo are hard to set his goals for since their strength is much more powerful than anything he can comprehend. Another handicap is that his mother wants him to study, which hinders his training. Ultimately, his determination to get stronger and spend time with his father in an isolation chamber that suspends time and space to allow one years of training in one day. Through this, he would no longer be a hindrance and be able to control his rageful outbursts which show his real power. This video demonstrates all of the commitment that Gohan has gone through to achieve this new form and defeat the big bad all on his own. The characters that have fought and grown up around Gohan are shocked, as they have to take in Gohan’s power.


This Character arc that Gohan has means to show everyone that determination and strength can give you your outcome. It inspires people to push past their limits and believe in a dream no matter how far-fetched. Gohan represents the time and effort that we put in, and the ability to come out of our shell and be pushed past our limit to accomplish new heights. The Akhira Toriyama wanted the show to progress in a timeline in which Gohan was passed the torch of responsibility. That responsibility was to be earth’s protector like his father before him, showing that Gohan is and will be much more than Goku will ever be. Even through the struggles of losing friends and family, Gohan prevailed through the dark, uplifting the spirits of his comrades to keep fighting and striving to be better than they are. Even as a child, Gohan was looked fondly upon by his superiors as a fellow combatant, even if he was inexperienced. The team had faith, and with that faith and determination by his side Gohan broke through.


In conclusion, Dragonball Z had many good characters and character arcs, but Gohans was one that was one of courage and strength, inspiring all who watch DBZ. He is the Figure of faults and regression, which can help viewers want to achieve their goals in life, or become something new with their newfound mindset. Gohan is an inspiration to all ages and provided a character that all can relate to.