Schitt’s Creek- Normalizing Sexuality

I decided to pick Schitt’s Creek for my project because I think it’s a good example of how they should represent and to support being a part of the LGBTQ community. This show is about a family that lives in New York that runs out of money. They have to go to this rural area inĀ  Ontario, Canada. The son of the show “David Rose” played by Dan Levy is Pansexual. A lot of the show, reveals how it should be normalized to people liking the same gender or anybody in the LGBTQ. In this show, I think what stands out the most and I think what makes people all for this show. Is that at the end of all of it, it’s just love. It’s just a person loving another person.Throughout the season no matter what the circumstances were. They were never being made the butt of any joke for loving the same gender. It’s always just natural the way they put it out. I think this puts strength behind the LGBTQ community for those people that are scared of coming out. I think it might give people more courage to be able to come out and be themselves. It also teaches other people more about the community than just making jokes for the entire show. They focus on this because it should be shown as equality, that’s what the show comes down to. Is that people who love other people should be treated the same as anybody else because they’re not different at all from any other person. I think this show capitalized on that part of the show. It also has more meaning because it’s spreading awareness for this show. A lot of parents who may have not had the same viewpoint as Schitt’s Creek now have a bit of a broad view or a sense of reference. If this were to ever appear up in their lives they would hold to handle it in a very mature and accepting manner. I think it’s very important for families to check out this show although it is very funny for everybody. It captures how we can see eye to eye. A rural place even though it’s fiction can accept others for who they are. Even their personality as long as their honest with true to themselves. This show captures a lot of the people watching. It has so much going on it. It’s a show that can teach somebody or just make somebody laugh. I think that for anybody watching the big takeaway is that no matter how you look at it love is love. Whoever you want to share a personal moment with. Then you should be able to do that, that’s what Schitt’s Creeks grasps onto. Is that no matter what love is love. If a rural city in Ontario can understand that for the people living in it. Then I think the people off camera will be able to accept that. Here are some of the moments that stuck out to me. I think these moments made same sex marriage very normal. As well as teaching some people about being bi-sexual. Not only that, but they cover it with a lot of humor. So you can learn more as well as have a good laugh.

Patrick serenades David – Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek- David and Patrick

Schitt’s Creek – The Wine Not the Label