Internship at Debergerac Production

by Idriss Traore

My time at Debergerac Production will definitely be a memorable one. My supervisors, Mike Champlin and Kate Kressman-Kehoe, created an environment that was both professional and loving. Debegerac Productions is a video production, post-production and film restoration company that preserves, restores and creates quality content for its clients. Throughout my time at this internship, I can honestly say that I was able to improve as writer, artist, and creative consultant. During my time at Debergerac Productions I was able to sit in on business meetings between local clients and business executives in New York City. I was able to see how a production company pitches their work to major companies in order to garner new business. I had the pleasure of learning the process of how a writer pitches their story to a major film company. I understand how a treatment is formed and turned into a single page synopsis.

Through my time I also learned how 16 mm other size films become digitized, refurbished, and cleaned up. In the process I have come to have a new and more profound understanding on the importance of archiving old footage. I also began to understand the long process it takes to make a documentary. I began to understand the amount of research it takes to create a documentary. During my time I was asked to help find research on Jacob Hilbus and William Cranch in order to create a story centered around the organ restoration process the company was asked to document. During the process of research, I was also able to learn how much time and planning it takes to assemble footage, edit, and make it to a final product.

At Debergerac I felt that I really was in an environment where I could mess up and learn from my mistakes. I also learned how be comfortable asking the simple questions in order to learn new information. Some of the things I learned are how production companies finance equipment expenses. I now understand there are certain tax write-offs once a person declares the equipment as expenses for the companies benefit. The company was able to help me figure out my next project in life and helped me start on my reel for my senior capstone. I am incredibly grateful to Mike and Kate for getting to know me and hearing my story. I am grateful for them helping me figure out the best way to tell that story. Most importantly I would say I learned how to apply for a financial grant and structure a synopsis, create a treatment, and create financial budget. I also learned the steps needed to bring a project to words on paper to a visual representation.

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