Becoming part of the ‘WHAM-ily’ at 13WHAM News

This semester, I was a news intern at 13WHAM News, and my life and career have changed forever. Going into this internship, I was not convinced I would have a career in news – I still had the goal of becoming a video editor in the sports world. However, as soon as I joined 13WHAM in late January, I knew there was something special.

I will admit, for the first month or so, I was really enjoying my time, but I still wasn’t sure if there was a direction for me in the news world and whether this could be a career for me. But after I started writing more and getting more comfortable with the news world, the more I realized it was meant for me.

Every week, I enjoyed my experience more and more, and I loved seeing my growth as a writer. Every step along the way, I received tons of support and guidance from multiple people at 13. Everyone was understanding, patient, and supportive.

The work and training I was able to do at 13WHAM was interesting, challenging, and was always met with strong and supportive feedback. At 13, they don’t want their interns to just clock in their hours and call it a day – they want each day to be a learning opportunity and a time to grow.

After about a month, I decided to let them know that writing was going to be my main focus, and I was interested in shadowing producers more outside of my internship hours, and my supervisors supported this decision from the beginning. They quickly made me feel like a part of the team, and were always willing to lend a helping hand or give direction whenever I asked. They didn’t just give me busy work – they gave me work that was beneficial to the team and myself. I grew so much as a writer from the beginning of the semester to the end.

Thanks to staying committed and some lucky timing, the supervisors gave interns a chance to apply for a part-time job opening, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity. I jumped on it, and have been working in the position with TONS of help along the way since the end of March. After graduation, I will be entering a full-time role as a multimedia producer, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the important lessons I was taught from the start.

Overall, the experience was amazing, and one I won’t forget. The environment, the kind people, the important lessons I was taught, and being given a plethora of opportunities to find my niche were the highlights of my experience, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

If you are a student that wants a great internship experience and you want to learn about some of the great opportunities available in the news world, 13WHAM is one of the best places to be. They actively care about your growth and are more than willing to give you real opportunities – just be ready to jump on them.

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