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Before The Scenes of Optic Sky

Patrick Kravitz ‘22

Internships are great learning experiences, career starters, and career bridges for those of who want to gain relevant, “real world” knowledge in their respective fields of study. Paid or unpaid, the opportunities themselves are ones worth jumping on—especially when it comes to doing it with an organization you’re familiar and friendly with. At Optic Sky Productions, I had that fortune in working for and with the friendliest of faces and hardest of workers. A youthful, yet professional organization; Optic Sky has given me countless lessons and memories in just four months.

Coming into the year with the expectations to shadow the in-house creatives as they develop scripts, I got all of that and more. Did I write my very own script for the team at Optic to produce? No, but what I did get was multiple grounds of experience with everything surrounding the script and production themselves that allows those two things to operate. From script breakdowns to talent usage reports, I had the opportunity to work in the back pocket of producers with completing documents necessary for production. I was shown in-depth examples, then guided through each step of whatever task was at hand. Once I had a firm grip on understanding my objective, I was allowed to work on my own until completion; sprinkling in questions and call-outs every so often.

Many phone calls, video calls and in-person meetings stir graciously in my head as I reflect on this past Spring. Whether it be the monumental memory of attending the American Advertising Awards ceremony or the symposium-like Fridays where I met with my supervisors to discuss and learn more about agency and creative work, everything I’ve experienced with this team will be cached in my memory forever.

Aside from the memories and lessons learned, motivation was present on a daily basis and has me amped to continue my journey. Working around and with some of the more creative people I’ve met, it was easy to ask questions, be involved, and constantly want to do more. The opportunities I had in shadowing creative writers, directors, and producers as they worked coherently through the most complex of scenarios proved there to be a flipside of chaos. I was able to witness the preparation, rehearsals, and execution of pitching a story idea to a client. Being able to eye the bares boned-ideas of a script all the way through the fluffed-up pitches is a piece of a large puzzle I will not forget.

The experience I’ve gained since January 10th has been the most telling and transformative one I’ve had in a scholarly atmosphere—and that came in a professional atmosphere. I’ve learned many things, and a sliver of those have been listed within this post, but the most poignant lesson I’m taking with me is that there are many ways to begin my path to screenwriting. And thanks to the members of Optic Sky, the worries of how I’m going to get there have shifted to nerves of excitement wondering where I get to start.

If you are a student looking to gain experience of agency or production work, Optic Sky Productions is where you should turn your attention to. To the team at Optic, I will be forever grateful for what you have left me with.

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