Launch Team Inc.

This past semester I had the opportunity to intern at Launch Team Inc. in Rochester, NY. Not only was this a really get opportunity and experience, but I was able to learn so many specifics in a real company and environment, which I wouldn’t have been able to learn just in classes. I always say that internships are the most beneficial experience you can have in college, and I truly believe that especially due to the experience I had with Launch.

Launch Team is truly a part of the Fisher Family, with a handful of the team members being Fisher graduates. My supervisor and CEO of the company, Michele Nichols, completed the MBA program here at fisher which I think is one of the reasons I really connected with the team because we have similar college experiences. Launch is a small, women-owned company with all of the employees being women. The environment that Launch has is very positive, supportive, and are goal-oriented atmosphere which made working there such a great experience. Specifically, Michele is paving the way for females in an industry that is predominantly dominated by males. It is really refreshing to see all females in a very technical industry like the one Launch is in. 

Launch is a marketing and advertising company specializing in B2B marketing for optics, medical devices, high tech, and services companies looking to grow. They have a wide variety of services they excel in including inbound marketing, product launch, social media, change management, internal communications, digital transformation, CRM implementation, and marketing automation. To be completely candid, I had no idea how each of these actually were implemented in businesses before this internship experience. Launch Team was able to show me each of these services and how the rollout of each looked like in a company. The best part is that I was actually able to hands-on help with many of these things myself.

Specific tasks that I did were market research including 3rd party cookies, accessibility, social media, blog content, and SEO. Michele tasked me with taking time to thoroughly research each of these topics and then put together a presentation and present my findings to the team. With the research I did, it was able to provide the team with information in different areas of the business. I also was able to work in HubSpot on the creation of landing pages, blogs, web pages, and CTAs for Launch as well as their clients. But my favorite thing to do was drafting blogs, both for Launch’s content as well as their clients. Blog writing was something I never thought I would love or be good at. But it really gave me the opportunity to work on my writing and allowed me to find a creative outlet in the internship. Not to mention the satisfaction you can get from having your blog published or gaining praise for a good draft of a blog from the team! Michele and I would have a 1 on 1 biweekly meeting where she gave me the opportunity to ask questions about the work I was doing and would always ask me what else I wanted to work on or learn.

One of my favorite parts about being an intern at Launch Team was how welcoming and inviting they were to me. They always included me in everything they did, so I was able to come to the company retreat where they rented a house on Canandaigua Lake, allowed me to be a part of their company photoshoot where I got new headshots, and have invited me to their Christmas cookie swap later in December.

Going forward, I will be continuing to work at Launch over the winter break and throughout the spring semester. As well as the potential to work full time with the team after I graduate in May of 2022.

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