The Arc of Monroe

By Jon Sutherland ’21

My internship at The Arc of Monroe may be finished but I can only say positive things about my experience working there. I enjoyed every minute working as a Marketing and Communications intern and have learned so much. My focus for my internship was film/photography and video editing. 

During my time at The Arc of Monroe, I was tasked with completing various projects. One of which was to promote careers at The Arc. With this project I had multiple responsibilities such as: filming, recording audio, interviewing, file organization and video editing. I learned a lot about what it takes to work for The Arc and about the relationships between those who work for The Arc and those they support. I also learned a lot about the interviewing process and video editing. I had the opportunity to create a “Thank You” video for the hard working employees of The Arc, thanking them for all they have done during the pandemic. Another project I was lucky to work on was the developmental disabilities awareness month video. I was responsible for filming and editing together a dance video to celebrate with those who have developmental disabilities. This was one of my favorite projects to work on because I had the opportunity to meet lots of amazing people and watch them celebrate. 

The work environment at The Arc of Monroe is very positive and interactive. I had the opportunity to meet people from other departments and see how they all work together to help those with developmental disabilities. The marketing team of Lindsey Graser (Director of Marketing & Communications) and Christen Smith is full of energy and high spirits. Everyday felt fun and you could really tell how passionate they are. Whenever I had a question they were there to help and always gave me their support. I enjoyed every minute working with them. 

One of my most valuable experiences that I had was helping the marketing team interview and film a house for people The Arc of Monroe supports. This house had many staff nominated for the outstanding work they have contributed to helping those with developmental disabilities. During this I was able to meet people that The Arc supports and Direct Support Professionals. This project allowed me to grow more as a video editor and understand better how to tell a story. 

I enjoyed my time at The Arc of Monroe and learned a lot about marketing and video editing. This internship allowed me to gain real world experience as well as amazing portfolio pieces. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in marketing and communications as well as video editing or graphic design.

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