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By Mirishahe Beha ’21

My internship is almost complete and it feels too soon! I can only say great things about my internship at Rad Sister. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my supervisor and loved seeing her start-up grow even more within the last few months. At Rad Sister, my overall focus was the brand development of the start-up, which included various responsibilities.

I would say my main task was creating social media posts and increasing engagement by interacting with followers through polls and questions. Content consisted of pictures from photoshoots for Rad Sister clothing, discounts, personal story, feminist quotes, and news about the company. Posting to Rad Sister’s social media taught me how to balance all of these different types of content in deciding to use photos or graphics so that the profile looks professional and aesthetically pleasing. I learned to be more interactive on Instagram stories through polls that helped us decide on new designs, materials, and colors to use for clothing. Some concerns with running a start-up includes the affordability of influencers. At first, I was nervous about social media influencers declining my pitches to be Rad Sister influencers, but I was so excited to see influencers get back to me and accept our offer! Each pitch was submitted through direct message on Instagram and my main goal was to be personable and to express interest in the content of influencers because I genuinely was interested in who they were and how they would help Rad Sister grow. Creating a customer profile for Rad Sister also helped my process in finding influencers and understanding our audience better. Overall research on customers, keywords, and analytics was something I had not done before in my previous internships, but my supervisor trusted my ability to learn and encouraged me. I’ve learned how valuable research is firsthand during my internship and how to report my findings.

Besides influencer outreach, I was also happy to establish Rad Sister’s donation choice to an organization that I’ve actually volunteered for in the past, Willow Domestic Violence Center. Rad Sister donates a percentage of their proceeds from each collection to different organizations that support and empower women, so I was incredibly excited that Willow accepted our request to partner with them for our latest collection. This piece of news made it to our first newsletter, which was also the first official newsletter I’ve ever made. The process of designing and presenting updates about Rad Sister was something I enjoyed doing and would love to do in the future.

One of my favorite experiences during my internship was having my supervisor join events as a speaker for Social Media Week and an alumni event sponsored by The PRIMA Group at Fisher. She was more than happy to speak to students about her experience in running start-up and what her path was like after graduating from Fisher. She offers great advice and has the ability to inspire people around her to follow their passions and to realize that there are so many different things that students can do with their degree. We would have our own meetings aside from internship duties to discuss my own plans after graduation, which even led me to the desire of working for myself.

I loved doing research, social media, and outreach for Rad Sister. It feels bittersweet to leave, but I know I am welcome there when they grow even bigger. I had an amazing adviser that valued my input and also encouraged my own self-discovery of my goals after graduation. I developed new skills in such a short amount of time and have more confidence with what I can do with my degree. I recommend this internship to anyone that is passionate about sustainability and feminism and wants to develop their skills in brand marketing.

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