The Cause Collaborative

By Grace Sambuchi ’21

For the past 12 weeks, I had the opportunity to intern at The Cause Collaborative as their Cause Marketing and Communications intern. I gained a lot of valuable experience at The Cause Collaborative and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to intern there.

During my time spent at The Cause Collaborative, I had various roles and responsibilities. One of my biggest responsibilities was to manage their social media platforms. I created the majority of the content that they put out in February, March and April. It was my responsibility to come up with new and engaging content for their social media platforms as well as writing the copy for the posts and designing the graphics. I learned a lot about designing graphics as well as crafting content that is relevant to what is going on in the world around us. I created a social media series for Black History Month as well as Women’s History Month. I also had the opportunity to create social media content for a few of their clients such as Compeer Rochester, Venture Jobs Foundation, The Women’s Foundation of Genesee Valley, and Villa of Hope. Another one of my responsibilities was to help with event planning. One of the events that I was heavily involved with was Venture Jobs Foundation’s Job Kitchen Lunch Bites which was a two part virtual series hosted on Zoom Webinar. The Cause Collaborative was unfamiliar with Zoom Webinar, so I was tasked with learning the ins and outs to make sure that the event ran smoothly. Some of my other roles and responsibilities include but were not limited to creating monthly newsletters, writing press releases, adding events to local community event calendars, donor outreach, and more.

The work environment at The Cause Collaborative is very positive. I had the opportunity to meet all of the other employees as well as a few of their clients. My supervisor, Becca Delaney Johnson, is full of energy and made every day working with her new and exciting. I had a great relationship with Becca and she was always eager to answer any questions I had and made sure I fully understood all of my tasks. She also would always go out of her way to ask how I was doing before jumping into work for the week. I felt that Becca and I worked well together and I enjoyed working with her.

One of my most valuable experiences that I had at The Cause Collaborative is helping out with Compeer Rochester with obtaining small business partnerships. Compeer Rochester wanted to show their appreciation for their over 200 volunteers for Volunteer Appreciation Month. I was tasked with selecting local businesses to reach out to in hopes that they would partner with us. I was able to get Hedonist Artisan Ice Cream & Chocolates to agree to partnering with Compeer Rochester and donate over 200 free ice cream coupons. The coupons were then distributed to Compeer Rochester’s Volunteers. It was great to see this process from start to finish and I was proud of my accomplishment.

I enjoyed my time at The Cause Collaborative and I learned a lot about social media, marketing, and event planning. I gained real world experience as well as a lot of great portfolio pieces. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in social media and marketing.


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