Break the Ice Media

By Valerie Bucella ’21

As my internship at Break the Ice Media wraps up, I can confidently say that it was an extremely valuable experience. I have learned more, gained more connections and created more in this internship than any other experience within my four years of college.

BTI is made up of a team of 7 women with expertise in marketing, public relations and more. The agency is a very professional and operates in a smooth and organized fashion. I admire the way these women go into every project headfirst and create amazing work every day. I am so grateful for the relationships I built in this internship. I was able to get to know everyone through weekly meetings and daily calls. Everyone at BTI is so willing to teach and help, and someone always had something for me to work on or a piece of advice. I will definitely be keeping in touch with these women down the road!

BTI is also a very fun and friendly organization. The team is close and everyone jokes around and shares their news. I appreciated that BTI values celebrating birthdays and big news (inside and outside of work). Every accomplishment is valued and recognized, and you can tell that there is a lot of sincere appreciation within this agency. One way that the team shows this appreciation is through Nice Job forms. These forms are available to fill out all week when someone does good work, helps out, or any other reason that is felt deserving. These “Nice Jobs” are then read aloud in the Monday morning status meetings. In addition, while I was interning at BTI, one of the team members left BTI due to an ending client contract and the Zoom “party” that was put on for her was beautiful. Her years of accomplishments were recognized and the team shared heartwarming memories.

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Birthday Wine Time at BTI

Aside from the company culture, I also really enjoyed the work I did in this internship. The subject matter of much of my work in this internship was one of the major factors that kept me motivated. I find that it is very difficult to maintain focus on topics that are not interesting to me, however travel, tourism and hospitality are among my interests, so it was very easy to stay engaged. This internship was often fast paced, and I typically had several projects to work on each day. Throughout my time with BTI, I was included on research and client work for pretty much every client at one point or another. This was a very valuable experience to be included on real work that was getting posted or published by these clients. Some of the clients I had the privilege to create for were the Finger Lakes Regional Tourism Council, Visit Rochester, The Haunted History Trail of New York State, Plimoth Patuxet, Africa’s Eden Tourism Association, del Lago Resort & Casino, National Comedy Center, Red Shed Brewery, and TAP. I also did a lot of work for BTI’s marketing efforts as well. The work for these clients and BTI ranged from RFP research, blog posts, social media posts/calendars (graphics and copy), media pitches, press releases, website updates, organization and other content creation. One of my favorite projects was creating a video for the Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) event, TAP Dance 2021. I created the video in Vimeo and it included music, fun pictures and videos of the partners and a countdown at the end to kick off the virtual event. I also helped with planning a virtual photo booth for this event as well.

I can’t say enough positive things about this internship and BTI. My skills, relationships and portfolio grew rapidly at BTI and I would strongly recommend this internship to anyone who enjoys travel, work relationships, bouncing around to different projects, and working on real client work.

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