The Marketing and Communications Office at St. John Fisher

By Julie Lamphear ’21

Being a Public Relations Intern for the Marketing and Communications office at St. John Fisher has been one of greatest experiences I have ever been a part of. Although it was all remote, I was still able to do assignments that were out of my comfort zone and meet people whom I never would have had the opportunity to meet. Not only that, I also had the most amazing supervisor who helped guide me and grow as a college student.

When I first started at my internship, I was told to come up with some goals that I wanted to achieve throughout the semester. My two goals were to improve on my writing skills and to be able to get some experience creating social media content. I can happily say that through this internship I was able to achieve these two goals!

During this internship, I had the ability to write over 15 articles for the College News Highlights. Each one of my articles were on completely different topics. Some of the topics included revisions on Cyber Café, The Media and Communications Film Festival, Fisher’s MBA Ranking and much more! The College News Highlights also had a “Club of the Week” feature, so each week I was able to contact a different club on campus, learn about them and write about them.

Along with writing articles, I was also fortunate enough to be able to practice creating social media content. One of the types of media content I got to create was a webpage called “Fisher At A Glance.” This was created on Adobespark and it featured 10 facts about Fisher that everyone should know. I really enjoyed creating this because I got to learn about Adobespark, which I had never used before, and I also had the opportunity to learn some facts about Fisher that I did not know before! A second piece of content that I was able to create was a social media post all about Fisher dining. For this, I had the opportunity to go into the Fisher Dining Hall and film the sandwich station, the wok and the pasta station. I also went to Cyber Café and filmed one of the barista’s making a Pumpkin Spice Latte. After filming, I created videos using iMovie and Tik Tok. I loved doing this project because I got to go into the wok station and behind the counter in Cyber Café to experience the behind-the-scenes action. I also had the ability to meet people who I never would have met, like Andrea Maccarone, the Director of Dining Services.

While writing articles and creating social media content, I also had the chance to sit in on meetings for the Office of Marketing and Communications every week. This department has an amazing staff and I loved working with every one of them. I looked forward to these staff meetings because of how much fun they were. I also sat in on their meetings with their marketing company “Jay Marketing.” With these meetings, I really got to learn a lot about how the school advertises their different majors and many other marketing techniques. Along with these two meetings, I would additionally sit in on various meetings regarding other activities around campus.

Overall, my supervisor Melissa made my remote internship experience one that I will never forget. Although we could not meet in person because of the pandemic, I still had the full experience I was looking to gain. I truly feel that my writing skills improved and I am thankful that I got the opportunity to create some social media content. For someone who is considering this internship, I would highly recommend that they give it a go. Melissa was the most amazing supervisor and so helpful when I needed her input or help on an assignment. The staff is also amazing and if I could do this internship for the rest of my life, I would! 

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