The Cause Collaborative

By Valerie Bucella ’21

After completing my internship at the Cause Collaborative, I was able to gain experience in a variety of different areas such as public relations/media relations, virtual event planning, communications writing, and social media writing. In addition, several of the brainstorming and writing activities I was tasked with required different levels and forms of research.

When I first started at The Cause Collaborative in September, I was told by my instructor, Becca Delaney Johnson, that I would be able to make this internship whatever I want it to be and that I would have the privilege of dipping my toe in a variety of different forms of communication to allow me to see what I enjoy doing and to have experience in different types of work. She truly stuck with this philosophy throughout my internship. Becca was a very good leader and taught me as if I were one of her friends or her mentee rather than how a boss would teach their subordinates. I feel that I have made a great connection with Becca and the rest of The Cause Collaborative crew and I have enjoyed my time there thoroughly.

Another thing I appreciate about Becca’s style of going about internships is that she gradually turned up the heat when she saw what type of work I was capable of and after I gained a better understanding of how The Cause Collaborative worked. When I first started there, I was tasked with several brainstorming activities. I brainstormed ideas on how to improve socials, ideas for the next newsletter and blog post and what could be done to improve several other campaigns or projects. By the end of my internship I was able to actually implement all of these. I was tasked with first scheduling social media posts on Hootsuite that had already been written. Then I was eventually tasked with writing the November and December social media posts in month long social media calendars as well as scheduling them on Hootsuite. I also had the opportunity to create the November and December newsletter highlighting major things that have happened at The Cause Collaborative in the past months, a blog post on nonprofits maintaining relationships with key publics during Covid-19 and a press release for one on The Cause Collaborative’s clients, Venture Jobs Foundation. I was also able to work on converting an originally planned in person event to make it virtual.

In addition to these tasks, I was expected weekly to increase social media followings for The Cause Collaborative and several of their other clients by manually following relevant businesses, potential sponsors, and other nonprofits depending on what the goal of the client is. This allowed me to better understand the clients work, what they stood for and what types of connections their organizations need.

Lastly, I was able to gain experience with different software and programs that I would maybe not have otherwise worked with in an educational setting. We used Asana, which was the task management software, as well as Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Google Drive/Google Sheets, LinkTree and Canva. I also have experience with posting videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

Overall, Becca made my unprecedented remote internship experience to be extremely useful and educational. While I still wish this internship was in person, I do not believe that much was lost in it being remote. I truly feel that I gained the same skills or at least very close to what I would have done if this internship was in person. I would recommend this internship to another student at SJFC as it was a great experience for me!

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