• Spring Semester 2020
  • St. John Fisher College, Department of Media and Communication
  • Classroom: Basil 101 (Gladys Brooks Media Arts Lab)
  • Class time: Thursday, 6:15-9:20 on February 6 and April 2.
  • Office Hours:
    • Monday: 1:00-2:30
    • Thursday: 1:45-2:30
    • or by appointment (and I’m often around other times.)
  • Office: Fay 210
  • Fisher Phone: 385-7277
  • E-mail: jsarachan at sjfc dot edu (preferred method of communication)

Course Description

Students will attend two 3-hour Thursday evening labs to complete the portfolio. They will then meet with a professional in the community (assigned by the professor) to review the portfolio. These cumulative critiques will give the student the information needed to present a professional and suitable portfolio for employment or graduate school.

COMM 486 is required of all students in Media and Communication and Media Management.


None. (Senior status in Media and Communication or Media Management.)

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