The professor reserves the right to make minor changes to the schedule and reading assignments.

Date Topic Reading Assignment
January 14 Intro.
Flexbox Review.
January 16 Perception.
Javascript Review.
Mind: 1
January 21 Visual Structure.
jQuery I.
Mind: 2-3 Personal Portfolio
January 23 Color and Peripheral Vision. jQuery II.
Server Space/Filezilla.
Mind: 4-5 jQuery “Fun House”
January 28 Web Reading. Recognition. Decision Making.
CSS Animations and Transitions.
Mind: 6, 9, 12.
January 30 Attention.
Text Effects and Smooth Sliding Menu.
Mind: 7-8
February 4 Learning.
Drop Down Menus. Eye-Tracking Experiments.
Mind: 10-11
February 6 Coordination and Time.
Documentary History. Documentary Planning.  Review Midterm.
Mind: 13-14; “What Gives Documentaries a Voice of Their Own” by Bill Nichols in Introduction to Documentary [Blackboard] ; “Documentary History” by Michael Rabinger in Directing the Documentary [Blackboard]; Mapping: Framing and Digital First [Blackboard] SEMINAR. 
February 11 Midterm Exam: Mind  + Javascript/jQuery debugging Midterm Exam
February 13 Video Editing. “Zen and the Art of Documentary Editing” by De Jong, Knudsen, and Rothwell in Creative Documentary: Theory and Practice [Blackboard]
February 18 Interactive Documentary  + Journalism; Net Neutrality Lab Mapping: Key Tensions Children’s Educational Site due.
February 20 User Interfaces. Lab. Media on the Web. “The Documentary Designer: A List of Propositions for Interactive Documentary Practice Online” [Blackboard] “User Experience vs. Author Experience” by Sandra Gaudenzi in iDocs  [Blackboard]; “Designed Experiences in Interactive Documentaries” by Siobhan O’Flynn in Contemporary Documentary [Blackboard]; Mapping: Case Studies [Blackboard] SEMINAR
February 25 Interviewing/Cinematography “Interviewing: Gathering People’s Stories” by Fadiman and Levelle in Producing with a Passion [Blackboard] Children’s Educational Site documentation due.
February 27 Lighting.
Spring Break
March 10 Web VR Video lab Net Neutrality Interactive Doc.
March 12 Bootstrap Layout. Documentary Proposal Due
March 17 Class Cancelled
March 19 Bootstrap Visuals (margin/padding, fonts); Bootstrap extras (buttons, menus, etc.)
March 24 Documentary Layout Workshop. Parallax Libraries.
March 26 PHP
March 31 Creating Forms/jQuery Validation
April 2 PHP and mySQL
April 7 PHP/mySQL lab
April 14 Social Media. Google Maps; timeline.js; “Telling Stories with Data” by Nathan Yau [Blackboard]; PHP/mySQL assignment due
April 16 Lab
April 21 Lab
April 23 Class Demonstrations.  Evaluations. Interactive Documentary due w/Documentation.
Friday, April 24 Research Symposium: 1pm-4pm.
Finals Week Industry Reflection Paper due.