Learning Objectives

COMM 362 Learning Objectives

      • Study interface design, with special attention to theories of cognitive psychology and perception.
      • DevelopĀ online experiences that follow proven rules of usability and design.
      • Learn graphic-oriented javascript/jQuery.
      • Learn a web front-end framework (Bootstrap).
      • Explore the basics of video production (camera, lighting, editing)
      • Develop skills in PHP/mySQL database creation.
      • Learn to create both educational websites and interactive documentaries.

Interactive Media Learning Objectives

Program Goal 1: Students will have the skills and knowledge to code in a variety of languages related to interactive media development.

      • 1a. Students will learn the syntax and techniques of coding, including an understanding of logic, statements, functions, and objects.
      • 1b Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively debug code.

Program Goal 2 Students will learn techniques for designing and creating web and mobile sites and/or video games for a variety of commercial, journalistic, and artistic purposes.

      • 2a. Students will become familiar with graphic design and be able to apply design theory to real world projects.
      • 2b. Students will develop and understanding of information design and usability as it applies to interactive media projects.