Assignments (1000 points)

Competent completion of all requirements at stated will likely lead to a grade of B+. Superior work demonstrated by completing the assignment at a greater professional and creative level will result in a grade of A- or A.

Failure to post the project as required with all elements working will likely result in a maximum grade of C+.

  • Personal Portfolio (50 points)
  • Children’s Educational Site (100 points)
  • Midterm (100 points) [Goals 1a and 1b]
  • Net Neutrality Interactive Documentary (150 points)
  • PHP/mySQL (50 points)
  • Final Interactive Documentary (350 points) [Goals 2a (project) and 2b (documentation)]
  • Industry Reflection Paper (50 points)
  • Film Crew Participation (50 points)
  • Seminar (100 points)

Personal Portfolio: Students will develop a portfolio of their work for this semester as the precursor to an online platform that can eventually be used for internships and a job search.  Present yourself, a resume perhaps, career goals, and some of your best work to date–but leave space for all the assignments of this semester.  Flexbox will be used, using the example in class, as a starting point (but no more).  The site should be responsive.

Children’s Educational Sites: Two parts:

I. 15 points. Students will create a child’s “screen play area”, with bright buttons, etc., creating a wide array of effects on the screen.  At least four are required and should be made with jQuery.  Students will be graded on the use of four different examples of jQuery techniques/syntax and the overall experience, including the use of bright colors and the full screen to be generally entertaining to young children.

II. 85 points. With a focus on using basic JavaScript, jQuery and CSS Animations, students will create a one page site —or Kiosk—that either teaches a basic concept.  The intended demographic is somewhere between 2 and 12 years of age.  Students will write a two page paper that explains how concepts from the Mind book were applied to the project and also document eye tracking experiments completed in class.  You must determine if a user looks at the appropriate locations on the site and does so in the correct order.  A rubric will be provided.

Midterm: Students will take a midterm that covers Mind textbook and JavaScript/jQuery programming and debugging.

Net Neutrality Interactive Documentary: Using footage already filmed by Professor Sarachan, students will create a one page site that incorporates interviews with a logical and creative display on the web.  The theme is open, but the overall design—and its appropriateness to the topic—should be considered.  The video chosen and the content selected for the user will be considered in grading, as well as the overall look of the page.  Consider:

PHP/mySQL: Students must complete one basic database exercise.  If applicable, the project may be incorporated into the final project.

Final Interactive Documentary Proposal: Please submit a professionally formatted proposal (headings, spelling, clarity all count) with the following information:

      1. A one paragraph summary of the documentary.
      2. One paragraph: your objective for the documentary.  (What is its function?)  What is its connection to the greater community (beyond Fisher).
      3. A discussion of the audience/user.
      4. The intended filming agenda: who/what is going to be filmed and when will this be accomplished.
      5. A proposed layout for the project.

Final Interactive Documentary: Students will produce their own interactive documentary, gathering footage and editing the video–and then building a Bootstrap website.  Documentation will focus on describing the intended users and explain how concepts from the Mind book were applied to the project.  The project must incorporate at least two of WebVR, a timeline, a Google Map, or a PHP/mySQL project.  See rubric.

Film Crew Participation: It’s quite difficult to film alone.  Helping a classmate with four hours of videography/lighting will lead to 50 points towards the final grade.

Industry Reflection Paper: Focusing on readings from the Seminars,  students will write a 750-1000 word paper on one aspect of the interactive documentary genre (e.g., Is there an audience?  How can such tools be accessible to filmmakers?  How will it affect the future of journalism? What is the role of such experiences in museums?  How will virtual reality affect the genre?)   Additional research in addition to the “Mapping the Insection of Two Cultures” reading is required—search for “Interactive Documentary” in the Lavery database.  At least five sources are required; one may be non-scholarly.  “Mapping” may be cited as a sixth source.   The paper should include a thesis statement/assertion, introduction to the question being addressed, and a clearly stated conclusion.  Subheadings are required.  Follow MLA formatting.  Style and grammar errors will cause substantial grade reductions.

Seminar: Given the small size of the class, we will meet as a discussion seminar for two classes and active participation (and demonstrating knowledge of the assigned reading) will be the basis for this grade.

Grade Chart

A 930-1000 C 730-769
A- 900-929 C- 700-729
B+ 870-899 D+ 670-699
B 830-869 D 630-669
B- 800-829 D- 600-629
C+ 770-799 F 0-599