Fisher Gaming Club holds game night to end the semester

By Brooke Eastman ‘25, Staff Writer

In efforts to help students relax before finals, the Fisher Gaming Club will be hosting a Gaming Night on Friday night for all students to celebrate the end of the semester. The club will offer pizza, snacks, video and board games, chances to win Amazon gift cards and a relaxing environment for the evening.

The event is open to all students to hang out and take some time to de-stress from the semester and recharge their batteries. “It is super important to de-stress before your final exams,” Jordyn Stevens, a member of the gaming club said. 

“You want to be able to focus on the test in front of you and not everything you have to do that day or the next.” Stevens said it is important for students to give themselves a break when they are stressed to avoid burnout, exhaustion and poor performance. 

The gaming club has various types of games for students who’d consider themselves avid gamers, casual gamers or those who would just prefer a board game with friends. Jade Donovan, the club’s Vice President said that the Gaming Lab has PCs, an Xbox, a PS4, a Nintendo Switch and a closet full of board games available to the campus community. 

“I like to reward myself for studying for 30 minutes by setting a timer and then playing a video game for 30 minutes,” Donovan said. “It keeps me focused, and when I get to play, I feel like I’ve earned it.”

Members of the Gaming Club say that playing games is effective in giving their mind a break, especially right before finals week, which typically tends to put a lot of pressure on students.

 “By focusing on things like games, not only does it keep your mind sharp and attentive but allows you to socialize and really get the full effect of what the gaming club has to offer,” club member Kaden Chapell said. 

“No one wants to go into finals with a full head, feeling like they’ll pass out at any second from exhaustion. We want to offer as much pleasure for people as possible, keeping strong for the end of the semester.”

The Gaming Night on Friday is the club’s version of their weekly meetings. “We tried setting it up so that we would have differently themed nights, focusing on board games, a specific game on any of the computers, or a game on any of the consoles in the Gaming Lab,” Donovan said. “We also like having bigger tournaments or other opportunities to have some food and give out a prize.”

The club meets every Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m. in the Gaming Lab located between Michaelhouse and Sono Grill. The club is open to all students and is not mandatory to meet every week. Students can follow the club on the Cardinal Hub, @sjfcgaming on Instagram and @officialSJFCGC on Twitter. 

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