Fisher holds third annual ‘I Heart Fisher Giving Day’

By Brooke Eastman ‘25, Staff Writer

Photo by Staff Photographer Nicole Pomerleau

St. John Fisher College held its third annual Giving Day on Thursday, which consisted of many activities on-campus for students, as well as fundraising from students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the college for the campus’s benefit. 

“I Heart Fisher Giving Day” not only raises money for the college, but celebrates all the things the students, staff and others love about Fisher. 

According to an email that was send out to the student body on Friday, a total of $343,635 was raised for the school.

“I Heart Fisher Day existed before I Heart Fisher Giving Day,” said Christina Sleve, director of the Fisher Fund. The day has been a tradition for years, she said. This tradition, along with philanthropy education and celebrating a love for Fisher, then blended together to make “I Heart Fisher Giving Day.”

Tina Abbey, a member of Fisher Advancement, said the goal of having a Giving Day at Fisher was to teach students about the importance of donations and philanthropy on campus. 

“The day includes a partnership with the entire campus so we can all come together and show our Fisher pride.”

One of the activities of Giving Day is an ice cream social. Elizabeth Rizzolo, one of the organizers of Giving Day, said the social includes a donor component encouraging students to thank donors through thank you notes, photos and videos from throughout the day. 

“When students complete their thank you note, they receive free ice cream sundaes made by faculty and staff, including President Rooney, making it fun,” Sleve said. 

Many other schools participate in Giving Days, a 24 hour day dedicated to celebrating schools and rallying their students. Fisher adopted the idea, and held the first “I Heart Fisher Giving Day” on March 21, 2019.

 Sleve said events like Giving Day are extremely effective in engaging constituents and fundraising a significant amount of money. 

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