Cardinal Company takes the stage to perform first ‘normal’ show in 2 years

By Kelsey Braun ’22, Editor in Chief

Provided photos by Hanife Gundogdu

This weekend, St. John Fisher College’s Cardinal Company will be performing the hit musical Chicago in Cleary Auditorium. 

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, students will be able to put on their show without any restrictions. In addition, Cardinal Company had just about four and a half weeks to prepare for opening night. 

“This was a very, very short timeline considering most musicals typically have a six week timeline if not more,” said co-director on the directors board, Keara Cook. “We were able to put this show on in about four weeks, so we really crammed a lot in. Every single person has put in an incredible amount of work and we’re very proud of all of them.”

Since Fisher lifted the mask mandate at the beginning of the month, the cast and crew of the musical have been able to rehearse without their masks. 

According to Andy Cegielski, co-director on the directors board, without masks “the acting comes through a lot easier and it’s a lot easier to connect and project and do everything you need to do in a musical.”

This year, all proceeds and funds raised from the musical will be donated to Artists Unlimited, a local non-profit that provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in performing arts. 

“We took a look at different organizations and charities and we wanted to find something that connected with our passions,” said Cegielski. “Artists Unlimited, the non-profit organization in Rochester does exactly what we wanted.”

Fundraising during the show does not stop with ticket sales, “We’re doing a mocktail bar with fake drinks that are named after the show, which is going to be really really fun,” said Cook. Drink and treat prices at the show will range from $1 – $2.

Photo provided by Cardinal Company

Admission for Fisher students is free and for other guests tickets are $5. The shows will be March 25 to March  27, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. 

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