Bitch (Noun) No Masculine Form 1 A derogatory word used to describe a
woman doing something others don’t want her to do 2 like walking or breathing or (especially) declining sex

Consent (Noun) 1 A nonoptional step towards sexual intercourse 2 Potentially the most commonly ignored step of sexual intercourse 3 Even though ignoring this step redefines the actions as rape

Courage (Noun) 1 The strength to tell someone what happened

Cunt (Noun) 1 A female sex organ; should be used for her pleasure 2 The doorway through which every human being entered this life 3 At rest, an approximately three to four inch wide slit

Easy (Adj) 1 Negating a victim, not believing them 2 A word sometimes applied to victims 3 As if previous sexual activity excuses anything

Frustrated (Adj) 1 The feeling experienced by a man when a woman tries explain any of this 2 The feeling experienced by that same woman when the man speaks over her 3 again 4 and again 5 and again

Outfit (Noun) 1 The first decision a woman makes each day 2 That doesn’t have anything to do with the consent to fuck 3 That shouldn’t have anything to do with safety 4 Nevertheless, a decision often made while forced to consider both these things

Restaurant (Noun) 1 An off-campus location where the school is not legally responsible if a student gets raped 2 A place students nonetheless have the right to feel safe 3 but often don’t 4 See also: Bar, Fraternity House

Slut (Noun) No Masculine Form 1 A woman who says yes to having sex with too many men 2 A woman who says no to having sex with a specific man 3 Applies also to woman who made the outfit decision in a way men don’t like 4 Or like too much

Student (Noun) 1 A human being on campus to learn 2 Nope, nothing else

Victim (Noun) 1 Survivor