Tell me the truth,
I’m shrinking, aren’t I?

She lifts her shirt,
pink bra, white skin.
Her ribs plead escape.

No, I say.
But tell me the truth,
I’m fattening, aren’t I?

I don’t lift my shirt.
There’s no pleasure
in flaunting fast-food flab.

She removes her beanie,
Showcasing a shining scalp.

Now you can’t deny this.
I’m bald,
completely bald.

I bow down,
pointing at my scalp.
Hell, my hair is thinning.

Stupid. She laughs,
punching my shoulder.

I swallow my words,
heavy pills pressing down.
She swallows her smile,
a pointless dose.

We are both ticking time
bombs under bags of flesh.
Except, she’s near detonating
and I’m still beating,

Still, too stupid.