“You’ve split my lip.”

[REDACTED] rolled off me, sweating and smiling. My lip throbbed with every heartbeat as the world around the bed, the world outside of [REDACTED], returned. I raised my fingers to my lip, feeling the blood. It was a good pain, stretching and stinging as I grinned. [REDACTED] passed me the bottle of ice water she’d been drinking from, kneeling up at the foot of the bed.

“It’s not my fault. I was just… enjoying myself.” [REDACTED] watched me as I sat up, leaving an imprint of our tryst on the sheets. The cold water, an ice block mere hours ago, made me shiver. I handed the bottle back, my arm shaking slightly, and pulled my underwear from the floor. I rolled over onto my front and out of the sweat patch, teasing the inside of my lip with my tongue. [REDACTED] flopped down into the bed next to me, examining the extent of the damage to my bottom lip.

“It’s no worse than the bruises you left on my arse last time. You’re just a big softie.” She kissed me, deliberately pressing her lips hard onto my mouth. I felt her smile break as I winced, and couldn’t help but smile as well.

“In my defence, you asked for those bruises,” I replied wryly as [REDACTED] curled into me. I could feel our skin sticking together slightly, an odd and unique sensation.

“If you turn me into one of your stupid stories for this, I’ll fucking kill you.” [REDACTED] murmured this into my shoulder, her eyes shut.

“You’re definitely going in a story for this. Your moans and your curves and the way you arch your back when you come.” I moved my hand down [REDACTED]’s back as I said this, resting it eventually on her still bare arse cheek. “I’m going to immortalise your orgasms in print for all to see.”

“I thought you only did stories about love. Is that what this is then?”

I considered [REDACTED]’s question for a moment. “Aye, I reckon it might be like.”

[REDACTED] looked at me, her face half obscured by the pillow. “You sure it’s not just lust? If you really loved me you’d not put me in your story. You’d order me a Dominos and let me nap.”

“How about I just leave your name out of it and order chinese?”

[REDACTED] smiled, kissed me once more, and rolled over, dragging the covers away from me as she fell asleep.